Professional Short Term Management allows investors and homeowners to take advantage of higher rental returns from the short stay rental and flexible accommodation market, without having to worry about the hassle and complexity of dealing with different guests, getting your property listing set-up and organising cleaners.

Not all properties are suited for short-term rentals, and we can provide advice on your potential earnings based on our market data.

As a licensed real estate agent in Perth, we show you which steps you can take to increase your average occupancy rate, nightly rates and with it, your returns.

In partnership with MadeComfy, Halyn Property provides end-to-end management of short stay properties through a range of specialised services including styling & furnishing, property marketing, pricing, maintenance and cleaning.

Our specialised team takes care of everything, so you know you're receiving expert management to drive the highest short-term rental property performance possible and achieve market beating returns.


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