Engaging an Agent to manage your investment can be stress-free when you have all the information. Our FAQs will assist with answering all your pressing questions.


Why should I use Halyn to manage my property? 

There's simply no comparison to the premium standard of service we offer. Not only does Halyn excel at securing the best tenants with the highest returns, but we offer a solution that ensures peace of mind that your asset is in safe hands. 

Our knowledge of relevant legal and regulatory requirements and client communication is second to none and our team have a keen understanding of financial analysis, risk management and a strong ability to think strategically to make decisions that optimise the overall value of the assets we are managing. 

Our goals are to partner and maintain strong relationships with all stakeholders, including tenants, landlords, and contractors.

From rent collection to repairs and maintenance, negotiation and compliance, and caring for your prized asset, we aim to exceed expectations.


How do I switch to using Halyn as my managing agent?

It's simple - our team can take care of the switch for you. After engaging our Residential Asset Management specialists, we will work with your previous property manager to collect all the information and keys for the property and notify your tenant of the change. You can be confident that there will be no interruption to the management of your property during the transfer process.


What are my compliance obligations regarding the minimum standards for a rental property?

It is essential that every rental property is safe to occupy and there are laws in place to govern this. We have trusted partners that oversee and monitor the legal requirement around compliance of a number of areas including swimming pools, spas, smoke alarms, electrical safety switches, cords and blinds.


How much can I rent my property out for?

Market activity will influence the amount of rent you can expect to achieve, but our expert team will advise you on the current demand in your area for a property like yours and conduct a rental appraisal based on a comparison of similar rentals in your area. 


How long will it take to find a tenant for my rental property?

Properties that are beautifully presented, priced according to market conditions and professionally marketed and managed will stand out and attract a better quality tenant faster. Our days on market are some of the lowest in the area but we always put great importance on the quality of the tenant.  


Can you be confident my property will be well looked after?

Halyn Property’s team of award-winning asset managers deliver an unrivalled level of customer service and care. We carefully screen every tenant application to ensure you're only presented with the best applicants available, and conduct thorough in-going, out-going and regular inspections. Our findings are detailed in a comprehensive inspection report that includes photographs to reflect the exact condition of your property. We also promptly attend to repairs or maintenance requests and use trusted, licensed trade professionals to provide quality solutions. 


What happens if the tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

We monitor arrears daily and our sophisticated platforms alert us if rent is not paid on time. In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, swift action is taken on tenants falling behind on rent, that's why we have minimal arrears across our rental portfolio. 


Do I need landlord insurance?

Anything of extreme value should be safeguarded. That's why we highly recommend landlord insurance to protect this asset. This shields you from tenants being in arrears, damages to your property (beyond the amount secured by the bond), an injury sustained on your property, and your contents (in the event of an accident). For further details on the benefits of landlord insurance and recommended Insurers, contact our trusted team on 1300 149 116 today.


Do you induct new tenants? 

Every tenant comes into the office for an induction meeting and tenancy handover. This allows us to provide all the information relevant to the property and gives us the opportunity to set expectations around the tenancy. We provide them with a tenant information guide outlining procedures around rent payment, rent arrears, repairs and maintenance, inspections and their rights and obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act. 


Can you manage my property outgoings? 

Absolutely and this is included in our asset management service. We can manage and pay all outgoings such as council rates, water rates, water consumption, strata levies, insurances, repairs and maintenance invoices and annual compliance check invoices. 


What is a Property Condition Report, and do I need one? 

A property condition report (PCR) is a legally binding document signed by all parties and tenancy laws require you to provide this at the start and the end of a tenancy. It is used to avoid disagreements with the tenant about damage to the property. It is a comprehensive, detailed report outlining the overall condition of the property at the beginning of the lease and is used at the end of the lease (during the final bond inspection) to ensure the property is handed back in the same condition (less fair wear and tear). The report is supported by hundreds of photos of your property.