Selling a house can be stress-free when you have all the information. Our FAQs will assist with answering all your pressing questions.


Why should I choose Halyn to sell my property?

Our unrivalled reputation as market leaders has been honed from years of offering exceptional customer service and securing outstanding results. Backed by an experienced and highly dedicated sales team, our agency leads the way with achieving outstanding results in the Perth inner city marketplace. This is accomplished by our active database buyers and our superior marketing capabilities. Not only do we receive priority positioning in local media, but our strong and engaged digital media presence ensures we put your home in front of more buyers. The team at Halyn deliver a seamless and stress-free experience and our Concierge service offers a range of services to assist you from pre-launch to settlement. 


When is the best time to sell a house?

Ultimately, the timing of your sale will depend on what works best for your individual situation. Traditionally however, the warmer months are considered the best time to sell, whilst others believe there is a strategic advantage in marketing homes during the quiet Winter periods when fewer properties are on the market. To help make your decision, speak to our local experts about current market conditions.


How long will it take to sell my home? 

At Halyn, a swift and successful sale achieved with the best result possible is our top priority. Properties that are beautifully presented, professionally marketed, priced accordingly and expertly represented will stand out and attract a serious buyer faster. No matter the current market conditions, our award-winning experience, expertise, strategic marketing and extensive database of active buyers will deliver you a swift result. Speak to our specialists for a professional opinion on the best marketing strategy to sell your home quickly.


How do I best prepare for Open Homes?

You only get one first impression, which is why it’s important to appropriately prepare for your Open Home. Keep the interiors and exteriors clean and clutter-free to appeal to prospective buyers and keep personal touches to a minimum to allow potential buyers to see themselves living there. Ambient touches such as pulling back curtains and blinds to fill rooms with natural light and opening windows for fresh air are an important touch, while flowers add to the welcoming feel and are a pleasant fragrance to eliminate any food or pet odours that may be off-putting. Contact our urban living specialists for a confidential discussion on how to best prepare your property for Open Homes.


What pre-sale repairs and renovations will add value?

When selling your property, it’s essential that it’s in good repair and presents well. A fresh coat of paint and a few minor fixes can make a considerable difference to buyer interest and achieving a successful sale. In some cases, more extensive renovations may add value, however, you need to consider the cost of these versus the potential return as not all enhancements result in a profit when you sell. For some properties, leaving them in their original condition can be the best option, this allows buyers to put their unique stamp on the home. For an expert opinion on what repairs or renovations will add value to your property’s sale price, contact your Halyn area specialist.


Should I invest in a home stylist?

Depending on the property, home styling can often add thousands to the sales price. It can transform a busy, cluttered looking family home or empty and cold property into a minimalistic up-market property. It also allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living here. Contact your Halyn area specialist for a confidential discussion regarding the benefits of home styling and how this can influence your property’s marketing strategy.


How will we work out how much your house is worth?

Halyn Property agents are industry leaders with an unrivalled understanding of market conditions. Your area specialist will estimate the price point for your property based on the market, the unique features and characteristics of your property, as well as comparable data from sales of similar homes in your local area. Contact Halyn for a complimentary market appraisal to see where your value stands today.


How do you estimate the value of my home?

Your Halyn area specialist will estimate the price point for your property based on current market conditions, unique features and characteristics of your property as well as comparable data from sales of similar homes recently sold in your local area. Contact your Halyn area specialist for a complimentary market appraisal of your property.


Should I invest in print media marketing when selling my house?

Depending on your area, print media can reach an astounding 400,000+ homes. That’s why we often see a higher volume of buyers attending open homes upon seeing properties listed in print. Our marketing team maintains a strong relationship with local media groups, leading to increased editorial coverage and priority positioning. Contact Halyn for a confidential discussion regarding your property’s marketing strategy.


What costs are involved with selling a house?

The costs involved in selling a house usually include agent’s fees, marketing costs and conveyancing costs. If you have a mortgage, check with your lender or mortgage broker regarding any additional charges which may arise. Contact your local Halyn area specialist for an accurate estimate of the costs you can expect to pay for the sale of your property.


Can I sell my property with tenants in place?

Yes, and all parties can feel reassured that we will happily work together to sell the property with as little disruption to your existing tenants as possible. Contact your Halyn area specialist for a confidential discussion on selling your investment property.