There's simply no comparison to the premium standard of service we offer at Halyn. Not only do our team of award-winning asset managers excel at securing the best tenants with the highest returns, but we offer a solution that ensures peace of mind that your asset is in safe hands.

Our knowledge of relevant legal and regulatory requirements and client communication is second to none and our team have a keen understanding of financial analysis, risk management and a strong ability to think strategically to make decisions that optimise the overall value of the assets we are managing.

Our goals are to partner and maintain strong relationships with all stakeholders, including tenants, landlords, and contractors.

From rent collection to repairs and maintenance, negotiation and compliance, and caring for your prized asset, we aim to exceed expectations. 

How do I switch to using Halyn as my managing agent?

It's simple call us on 1300 149 116 and our team can take care of the switch for you. After engaging our Residential Asset Management specialists, we will work with your previous property manager to collect all the information and keys for the property and notify your tenant of the change.

You can be confident that there will be no interruption to the management of your property during the transfer process.